My name is Logan. I am a high school senior and self-taught web designer. I have been designing websites since I was 13 years old and I am now 18. Obviously my skills have excelled since the age of 13 and I work to improve my skills each and every day.

My goal when I started this business was to save up for my first car. With lots of hours put in both helping customers and promoting my business I was able to save up more than I needed to buy my first car. Now that I've reached my goal of buying my first car my new goal is to pay for college. Every dime I make providing you with quality website design goes into my savings account to help me pay for college.

I always try to provide the most affordable website design I can without cutting quality. I am often able to offer small business' a website for just $50! I have served many businesses and have cut many competitor's quotes in half while doing it.

If you're intereseted in my services please visit the "Contact" page to learn how you can get a free quote.